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Our Story

How it started

I set up Kushi Yakitori in 2020 right in the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic. It was born out of a need for finding suitable Halal options for great quality Japanese street food in London. 

Whilst I've been driving it forward on my own, I couldn't have began this journey without the help of my Aunt and Cousins in Enfield (Thank you Bowma, Zaima, Iffath, Mahdi, Zakiyah & Nusrath for coming to my aid when I held the first two local community events serving yakitori to the public).

I'd also like to give a dedication to YakitoriGuy for being a source of counsel and wisdom during my journey as it's someone I discovered right after I began our journey.

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What's in a name

串 | খুশি Kushi - 'Happiness' (in Bengali) & 'Skewer' in Japanese

Get ready to have your mind blown. 

Kushi translates to 'skewer' in Japanese. but also translates to 'Happiness' in Bengali (my parents hail from Bangladesh)

Kushiyaki is also formal term in Japanese that encompasses both poultry and non-poultry items, skewered and grilled.

Also the little red bit from the logo? It's the symbol for 'skewer' in Japanese.

It just made sense.

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